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Please note: we cannot provide you with a prescription over the Internet. Please see your physician in person if you require a prescription. Once you have obtained a prescription, please see our pricelist to find your prescribed medication.

Q: If my doctor prescribes brand-name Cialis for me, can I use his prescription to order the generic equivalent (Tadalafil) from you?

A: If your Dr has written the prescription indicating that brand name is necessary then we cannot ship you the generic equivalent. If your Dr has not spefically written that name brend is necessary then we can ship you the generic equivalent.

Q: Is it OK to break Viagra into two halves?

A: Yes.

Q: Could you show me some pictures of strep throat?

A: Please go to this link for your answer:

Q: I am kidney stone and blood disorder patient, 49 years old, i need medicine for my kidney stone. I don't want to make operation. there is no medicine in my country.

A: Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to help you in this regard. Go to your local Dr. who can assist you in any non-invasive procedures available to you.

Q: I have Chrons disease and a lot of pain associated with it. What sort of painkiller is best for this?

A: The best treatment for the pain symptoms of Chrons disease is the control of the inflammation of the disease itself, often involving anti-inflammatory drugs like Asacol, antibiotics like Flagyl, or in more severe cases agents like Prednisone which are actually immunosuppressive. Pain killers mask, but do not control, inflammation. Severe pain from Crohns, while patients are waiting for definitive medical or surgical treatments to take effect, is treated with much the same kinds of analgesics and narcotics that would be used for other pain syndromes, such as severe arthritis.

Q: My husband weighs around 145 lbs. He has been feeling heart palpitations too often. What can that be?

A: This question has a very long list of possible answers, from heart conditions to endocrine/thyroid diseases to possible nervous/anxiety states, and so I cannot answer your question with just this information. It is sometimes an important problem however and should be discussed with your regular physician.

Q: Can I order weight loss medication without a prescription?

A: The answer to this question depends upon which specific medication you are asking about. Affordable RX usually only sells prescription medications but many pharmacies and health food stores will sell other non-prescription weight reduction products over the counter.

Q: Can I buy Didrex without having a prescription?

A: Didrex cannot be purchased from Affordable RX without a prescription.

Q: I can't afford to go to a doctor for my lower back pain but need a prescription for Vicoden (it worked the best in the past when I had health insurance), how can I get a prescription?

A: Vicoden is available from Affordable RX if you get a prescription from a doctor you have seen in your own city.

Q: Hi Doctor, I am a 43 year old mother of 4, grandmother of 4 and I work fulltime and my days can be a bit hecktic. I am on my feet most day from 10-12 hours non stop. I just want to be a happy productive part of my family life. Right now my back and feet are killing me most all of the time. I also get terrible stress headaches. I have taken in the past, vicoden, loratab or hydrocone. I am not abusing any of these, I just want to keep up with my very active kids and enjoy life. Can you please help me doc?

A: Vicodin, Loratab and Hydrocodone are only available from Affordable RX if you have a prescription, but I cannot legally provide a prescription to people who are not my regular patients

Q: I had a hysterectomy 4 yrs ago. Pain started 3 weeks after it on my left side, below my ribs. Was told it was gas. It is still there and now I have a gallstone on right side that hurts like the left side occasionally. I have no health insurance at the moment. Is there any test that can show the left side pain?

A: Pain lasting this long is not likely to be gas. Pain in this area may be Musculoskeletal, such as a stretched mucsle or a pinched nerve. In that case, exactly which test will be the best could only be decided by a doctor who is able to examine you first. Pain coming from organs inside the abdomen, such as spleen or pancreas, is not musculoskeletal. Tests which show abnormalities of these organs include CT scan, ultrasound, and MRI. Conventional radiography (x-rays) doesn't always provide a lot of information about this area. I suggest you go see your doctor immediately to determine the source of the pain.

Q: How do I get a prescription for medication, from you?

A: I am not able to provide prescriptions over the Internet. Simply see your local Dr. and if he/she provides you with a valid prescription then you go through the steps on the upper left side of the AffordableRX home page. Click on the "how to order" tab on the upper left side on the 'home page' and follow the directions which will walk you through the process.

Q: Hi, I need something to calm my nerves down I am not depressed and I just get shaky and I tend to yell alot and every thing worries me and it always has to be perfect. What do you suggest?

A: There are many causes for nervousness, or anxiety. Some can be acute or recent causes, such as stress, situations, medication or hormonal effects, to list a few examples. Other causes can be chronic or long-lasting, and examples of these would be phobias, personality disorders, or untreated mood illnesses. The advice or treatment you will receive from a doctor will depend upon what the cause would be in your own case, and the first step I recommend is to contact a doctor in your own area to talk this over.

Q: I got a flu shot and then a few days later got the flu. I was nauseous, had no energy and had a pain in my stomach. Could that be a reaction to the flu shot?

A: This is really a very common question. People who get a viral-type illness after a flu shot will often say that the shot gave them the flu. There are some vaccines which are 'attenuated' viruses, that is they provide immunity against a serious illness by actually giving you a very mild case of the illness itself. However the flu vaccine is an 'inactivated' virus and cannot give you the illness, even in a mild form. It is possible for a patient to develop an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients in the vaccine fluid but a case of flu is an infection and allergic reactions are not truly 'infections'. More commonly patients will come down with a viral illness, simply by coincidence, in the first or second week after getting a flu shot, but this was caued by a virus other that the influenza virus. Because the symptoms of many cold viruses will resemble the symptoms of a mild case of influenza, people often then think that they got "the flu' because of the shot, or else the prevenative shot 'failed' to work to protect them . Remember though that the vaccine only stops influenza viruses, not all cold viruses. If a simlar adverse syndrome or mild illness should recur two or more years in a row after getting a shot, then the possibility of an allrgic reaction is more likely, and many doctors would recommend in that situation that you not get future shots, But we should not withold yearly flu shots in people who need them just because they once got a minor cold-like illness after a flu shot in the fall.

Q: When does sadness constitute deppression?

A: Sadness is a natural emotion when we are dissappionted about something or grieving a loss. Everyone experiences this and the natural thing is for sadness to improve in time as we accept, adjust ourselves or correct a situation. Disappointment over something like job loss or marital break up naturally takes weeks or months, sadness over something like the defeat of a favourite team in a big game should be very brief. Sadness therefore depends a lot upon time and duration. Sadness that lasts an abnormally or unnaturally long time is often due to an illness, not merely disappointment, and this illnes is called depression. Usually depression causes numerous symptoms, not just sadness. When a person develops a prolonged inability to sleep, eat, work, and maintain interest in usual enjoyments, then assessment for posible depressive illness should be sought. Uncharacteristic nervousness is another feature of depression which is not really part of natural sadness. Persistent, increasing and specific (as opposed to vague, occaisional or passing) depressive thoughts of self harm are a medical emergency, like a stroke or heart attack. Immediate attention is needed, even at an emergency department during times at nite or on weekends when you might find that you cannot reach your own regular doctor right away.

Q: How do I get a prescription for Ritalin?

A: Ritalin is only available by prescription, which must be obtained from a doctor you have seen in person. Once you have the prescription, then AffordableRX will be able to send you the medication from their U.S. partner pharmacy. They cannot ship this drug from Canada as it is considered a narcotic.

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